Hi, I'm Katie and I am the owner of Highlands Cosmetics.

My passion to open my own business was born when my local home town flooded in 2010. There were many people who lost homes and businesses, so my way to make a positive impact on those affected around me was to start doing free beauty treatments on affected families to boost morale and in turn, I received a lot of satisfaction from doing so. 

2011 was the year it all really began and I officially opened Highlands Cosmetics. At first I worked alongside Sharon McGraw at “Emerald Laser & Dermal Therapy” hiring a room from her to offer Cosmetic Tattooing & Brow treatments. It made me genuinely happy to help people feel amazing and boost their confidence. My passion and drive to be successful only kept growing. 

I have extended my education in the industry every 6 months until now, by attending regular training and completing extra certifications. As I am always very conscious of the ever changing beauty industry and the need to stay relevant and keep up with current trends and skillsets. 

I made the big leap to open my own shop front in 2019 with a special interest in skincare and cosmetic tattooing, offering high end treatments. We have since grown with team members, two a year until now. 

Moving forward my dream is to continue to provide an experience for our clients that mirrors an outstanding service & provide a safe, high energy work environment for the staff also. 

As an exclusive MSkin stockist, Highlands being the biggest retailer of the products, alongside our passion for skincare. Which brings us to our current baby project... which is an online store selling the professional skincare. We are so proud to bring it to life and cannot wait to make a difference in people's lives and how they feel.