A facial is a type of skincare treatment that is used to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin on your face. It typically includes a variety of steps, such as cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, a facial mask, and facial massage. Facials can be done at home or by a professional and can help give your skin a healthy, glowing appearance.


So why do I need a facial?
  1. Facials can help improve skin tone and texture. They can help remove toxins and dirt from your pores, leaving your skin looking healthier and more radiant. 
  2. Facials can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful appearance.
  3. Facials can help reduce redness and inflammation, making your skin look more even and balanced.
  4. Facials can help increase circulation, which can give your skin a healthy glow.
  5. Facials can help hydrate and nourish your skin, helping it to look healthier and more vibrant.
My skin after having a facial

Now you have had a much-needed treatment, caring for your skin after a facial is important to maintain the effects of the facial. Here are some tips for keeping your skin looking great: 

  1. Use a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser to remove dirt and oil from your skin. This is a very important part of your routine. The right cleanser will keep your barrier balanced and correctly cleansed. But be warned the wrong cleanser can seriously damage your barrier, causing irritation, redness, acne, dryness, excess oiliness and even in some cases a worse off condition before you started. We only recommend what is suited for your specific skin type. Please don’t risk this step when considering your mew skin routine.
  2. Use a moisturiser and follow with SPF to keep your skin hydrated and protected from the sun.
  3. Exfoliate a few times a week to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin looking fresh. The word exfoliate sounds abrasive however our exfoliating methods are gentle and effective. Exfoliating comes in many forms but we recommend exfoliating by way of the target serums we recommend in your routine. Vitamin A & C, jojoba and enzymes are our top picks and are in the AM and PM serums we pair with your skin types. They are extremely effective when used consistently.
  4. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Following these tips should help keep your skin looking great after your facial!


A LED Facial is a type of facial treatment that uses LED (light emitting diode) light therapy to improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. LED Facial treatments are noninvasive and utilise different colours of light to target and treat a variety of skin concerns including wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne, inflammation, and more.

Through the regular use of LED Light Therapy (every 1-2 months) a facial will help to boost collagen production, strengthen skin cells, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the skin's natural healing process. Led is a fantastic way to improve the overall health of your skin. It's Kirra, our manager's top pick in regards to treatments. Try one when you're needing a skin boost. 



Over time, the skin develops fine lines, pigmentation, wrinkles, scars and acne scars on the face and body as part of the natural skin aging process and various environmental and lifestyle factors. There are lots of skin treatments available to address these concerns. However, Skin Needling is the leading technology for these issues and we absolutely love it! It's Kate's, our owner's top pick for younger skin to prevent these issues from stacking up. Its also amazing for preventing dehydration and pigmentation.

Skin Needling also referred to at times as Dermal Rolling, is one of the most effective dermal therapies for optimising skin regeneration. It’s a minimally invasive treatment designed to improve the appearance of acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores and blackheads to deliver overall skin rejuvenation.


How does Skin Needling work?

Skin Needling uses micro needles on a medical grade roller or pen that is moved over the skin to create tiny, evenly-spaced punctures on the skin. These micro-punctures go through the skin with minimal damage to the upper epidermal layer, but creates a microscopic, generally painless injury to the deeper dermal layer.

The minor injury and bleeding triggers a “wound-healing” response in the skin. This results in increased collagen and elastin production. This treatment is not painful, it is a little uncomfortable with most clients reporting it's like scratching a sunburn. The actual needling part of the treatment only lasts 10 minutes so we think thats a small amount of time to deal with for a youthful outcome.

Is Skin Needling right for me?

Each person’s skin is different. That’s why we recommend having a consultation before treatment to determine suitability. Kate and Kaylai are highly trained therapists with many years of experience and will tailor a treatment plan to help you achieve glowing skin.

How long does the Skin Needling treatment take?

Our Skin Needling starts with a full facial ti correcting prep the face. We believe skin needling doesn’t have to feel “medical” so if we can provide a relaxing experience for the first half we’re certainly going to! Out needling treatment includes led light therapy as part of this preparation of skin. Treatment time is 1 hour. 

What is the recovery time for Skin Needling?

There is minimal down time following Skin Needling treatment, however You will experience some redness, heat and slight tenderness for a short time after treatment.

You should avoid swimming or strenuous exercises at least for the next 24-48 hours. In addition, you should also avoid using active/exfoliating skincare products for the next 5-7 days after the treatment, staying out of the sun is extremely important, getting sunburnt is non negotiable even when no needling has occurred sun is the enemy. 

How often should I get Skin Needling treatments?

We recommend a minimum of 4 treatments 4 weeks apart to boost you into your first line of treatments. After that we recommend a treatment for maintaining and preventing every 6-12 months.


IPL is a non-invasive light-based technology used to remove unwanted hair and improve many skin conditions.  Such conditions as age spots, sun spots, freckles, superficial capillaries and other unsightly discolouration of the skin can be eliminated using this technology. 

IPL is also incredibly effective for those of us who suffer from facial redness and can even stimulate fibroblast causing increased collagen production in your skin for a more natural, lively, healthier looking you!


How does IPL work?

A fully trained therapist will apply a specially designed hand piece to your skin and generate an intense pulse of light which will be absorbed by targets in your skin. The light delivered from the hand piece is delivered at high intensity during a very short period of time. It is this rapid discharge of light that provides the high energy levels required for each IPL treatment to be effective!


IPL Hair Reduction treatments are easy, painless and quick solution to unwanted hair and can be successfully used on the body or the face. Usually a course of 6 – 8 treatments is required to achieve optimal result. 

IPL Hair Reduction treatment targets unwanted hair growth over a course of treatments. It uses non-invasive, broad spectrum light to treat unwanted hair on the face and body. Using Intense Pulsed Light technology, we aim to cause targeted destruction of hair follicles without causing thermal trauma to the surrounding tissue.


IPL Photorejuvenation is a non-ablative procedure that uses intense pulsed light to target water in the skin, heating the water to trigger a wound healing response. This process stimulates collagen and elastin production along with several of the skin’s self rejuvenating mechanisms to improve the signs of ageing and improve skin texture and tone.

IPL Photorejuvenation involves little downtime. Depending on the severity of the client’s concern, 4 – 6 treatments are typically recommended monthly, with maintenance treatments recommended every 3 – 6 months.

Our IPL Skin Rejuvenation services strategically address a number of the most common skin concerns with just a handful of treatments. 

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth out irregularities and enhance your skin’s overall luminosity for a revitalised, youthful  glow with IPL photo rejuvenation.


Spider veins, broken capillaries, red spots and rosacea can all be reduced and removed to offer clients an even, more uniform complexion. 

IPL Vascular treatment is a non-ablative procedure that uses intense pulsed light to target haemoglobin in the skin, heating and damaging unwanted vessels. Damaged vessels are then removed either via the lymphatic system, resulting in a more even skin tone. Typically, this treatment is used to spot treat vascular lesions of the face and upper body.

IPL Vascular treatment has minimal downtime. Depending on the extent of the client’s concern, typically, 2 – 4 treatments are recommended at 1 – 2 week intervals, with maintenance treatments 


Organic Body Firming Ritual
1 hour 30 minutes | $349

Serenity Spa Package
1 hour 30 minutes | $349

Elite Retreat
2 hours | $399